>RSM Day 1

>Radiant School of Ministry: Day 1
It was the first night of classes at RSM tonight and things seemed to flow well. Expectations are running high with all of us students and you can feel the expectation and curiousity with everyone. Pastor Jon kicked it off with Skillful Scriptural Study. I was relieved to hear the homework/testing expectations are low for his class, in light of the thickness of the “Foundations of Pentecostal Theology” book provided by Pastor D. for the Systematic Theology course! Overall there was an emphasis on knowing God above knowing just information related to God with all three classes.
Here a couple ideas/thoughts that I took away with me tonight:

Don’t let the limitations of personal experience define the boundries of the Holy Spirit’s work.
Part of what God is doing, is bringing the gifts of the Holy Spirit out of the four walls of the church.

I’m looking forward to an awesome semester!

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    >those insights sound like they were from the same class, what about the other two?I can help you put your banner from your virb up, its pretty easy

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