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This is a late post on week 2 of RSM. It’s sunday am and without my notes in front of me, i’ll try to recall some of the highlights of week 2. Pastor Lee had some things to say about the reveltory gifts, namely the “word of wisdom”. At the current pace, it doesn’ t seem likely that we will finish the eight weeks ina timely manner. ie we have only covered 1 of 9 manafestational gifts of the Spirit and we are going on wk 3. I’m having a time keeping pace with the reading, but as dad always says “improvise! Adapt! Overcome!” One aspect of theology that I find very intriguing is the theodicy. “The vindication of the character of God, (namely His justice and goodness) in the face of the presence of evil and suffering in the world.” I’ve been exploring this over the last year or so, because I believe it is incredibly important. Maybe I can explain why later, but for now we breezed over that in systematic theology. Pastor D. spent a good amount of time developing the idea of the inspiration of scripture, which he believes is one of the cornerstone doctrines under “attack” at this time. Pastor Jon’s skillful scriptural study has the potential to be dry, however his personality makes up for the routine content of the book. I promise a better post full of spiritual insights, signs, and wonders next week (two days or so from now) keep inmond this was all typed from the comfort of bronsob cardiology on the amazing iphone. Over and out.

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