>Week 3 went off without a hitch. Pastor Lee announced Abbey will be doing a half hour of devotional worship before the beginning of RSM classes starting October 15th. Jon took us through a tour of the concordances. Strong coffee was needed. It’s funny to see if there will be one week that Pastor D. does not mention the emergent church. *see http://www.ithinkcafe.com Pastor Lee’s class covered words of knowledge and discerning of spirits. He told a story about a counciling session that he was having with a lady who was going through a hard time with a difficult husband. During the session, pastor Lee gets “George of the jungle” song stuck in his head, which is a little bit funny, but pastor Lee knows that God speaks to him through music at times, so he asks her “who is George?” It turns out the George is an old boyfriend that she had known, but recently saw him at the grocery store and started to have some of the feelings again for him. Keep in mind, that she is still married. So she breaks down and gets that out in open, and they break the assignment of the enemy to drawn her back into that relationship. “Words of knowledge” or in pastor Lee’s case, “songs of knowledge.”

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