>Hey blog readers! I’m sitting in Grand Rapids airport getting ready to take off for Minniapolis, reflecting on RSM. I have to say, this was my favorite week thus far. Every class was top notch this week. The last fifteen minutes of pastor D’s class was particularly electric when the discussion turned to omniscience, divine foreknowledge, and all the complexities between that and creation. “How free is free-will?” -Pastor D. Of the 5 people that read my blog, 80% of you know where I lean. I would recommend an article by Thomas Belt (an Assembly of God missionary) with respect to the open view.
Pastor Lee shared some testamonies of miracles that he has seen and been a part of. He told the story of when he was in Cuba and he prayed for an elderly woman who was blind and had cataracts on her eyes. She was instantly healed and could see all of the people she had been pastoring for years and years. Yeah God!

Stay posted for mobile blog entries with PICTURES! via my iPhone this week while I’m on vacation in Minnisota. Thanks to Luke for setting that up! “Be safe out there!”


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2 responses to “>week4

  • Jon's aimless suppositions

    >WHAT?? I am hurt that you had nothing to say about me!!! something….i don’t know…….substitute teacherish, don’t really want to be there, boring material made bearable…..ish. you must have been in a hurry to board the plane, but i’ll be excpecting your edification shortly:)Love always…….P. Jon

  • Luke

    >Ypu really need to add at least one picture per post, its a camera phone for a reason.

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