>The lamb that was slain

>Easter weekend was a loads of fun. The tribe got together on Saturday for some gut-busting fun. It’s always a good ab workout when you get enough goof balls in the same room. I still can’t get Brandon’s charades routine out of head. All I remember is “This is going to be vulgar…” I keep reciting Phil. 4:8 to myself…

Here we are playing cranium.

Easter Sunday: Abbey and I ventured up north to the beautiful Muskegon River to Abbey’s Grandparents, Joe and Barb’s place to have the traditional Easter dinner and some sparkling conversation. I’m pretty sure I’ll never forget when Joel (Abbey’s brother) leaned over to the South Korean foreign exchange student, Ronnie, and asked her if they “eat cat in China?”! I thought I was going to cough sweet potatoes through my nose.

The view from the house. Awesome place. Very relaxing.

Nothing was more remerable than partaking in the Abbey’s family’s ancient tradition of “the rice crispy lamb” (pictured below)

Ever since the invention of rice crispy treats, Abbey’s family has constructed a rice crispy treat lamb, from a lamb mold, that has been passed down from generation to generation. Yes, those are green dyed coconut shavings posing as grass!

The only downside to this long standing tradition is that the lamb must be slain for everyone to partake of it’s marshmallowy goodness. I took it upon myself to dispose of the lamb in a manner that would make any levitical priest proud.

Truly a lamb without blemish, until we really applied the steel. Notice the sprinkling of blood from the carotid artery. (red M&Ms, Joel’s idea)

I can only hope that Abbey and I will be able to carry on the tradition of the rice crispy lamb for years to come.

Joe and Barb where very hospitable. We all had a great time.

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