>God and natural disasters

>In an interview on Fox News this week, Dr. Erwin Lutzer told host Neil Cavuto, speaking of natural disasters, that it is important, first of all, to know that even though the fate of earthquake victims received more press, the people killed or displaced in Asia are not worse than any other men that would die in accidents or tragedies this year – citing Jesus’ example of the men killed by the falling tower of Siloam in Luke 18 of the Bible.

“It’s very important for us to emphasize that that does not mean that the people, for example, in Burma are more evil than people somewhere else,” Lutzer explains.

But he said, instead, it was a sign of truth at the Bible’s admonition that all men will eventually die because of the effect of Adam’s sin on them and the world, and that everyone needs to make sure they repent.

“Let me put it this way – it isn’t so much punishing, though that’s part of it, as it is a megaphone from God reminding us of certain lessons that the world should be taking note of. I think that all death, in a sense, is punishment. Let’s keep in mind that what happens in an earthquake happens every single day; the only reason the earthquake makes the news is because of the number of people who died,” Lutzer contends.

Lutzer, says these events also remind people of the brevity of life and the value of eternity versus the things they do in human time.

//stepping up to soap box

REMIND PEOPLE OF THE BREVITY OF LIFE? If I have to listen to another preacher talk about how God is teaching people “lessons” at the expense of killing others, I’m going to give myself a swirly. This kind of theology gives people in our nation terrible ideas about God and is, in my opinion, the antithesis of the “good news”. Maybe I’ll follow this blog with some reasons WHY this is bad Bible interpretation, but in the mean time, I’m thankful for RSM and good teaching in our school. That’s 40 more people that aren’t going to be teaching people that God is killing people to teach us life lessons.

//exiting soap box


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One response to “>God and natural disasters

  • Roxy

    >AMEN brother!! God is not angry, He is not punishing us for something we’ve done wrong and He’s not even shaking His head in utter disappointment.

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