>Language Driven People v.s. Feeling Driven People

>English was my favorite class in school. I enjoyed writing papers, especially when I was interested in the material. I noticed that not everybody liked English class as much as I did, and they definitely didn’t like sentence diagramming as much as me! The D.O.’s and the I.O.’s and those prepositional phrases shooting off like little tree branches. How many know what I’m talking about? I could write a ten page paper in one siting, top to bottom, and make a few alterations. Bam! “A” paper. Rough drafts were for losers that couldn’t get it right the first time… jk. But I was arrogant, and I shouldn’t have been because I can’t spell to save my life. I’m thankful for electronic word processors!

It’s been a couple years since high school/college, and I’ve noticed something… (Thesis coming…) Some people are really language driven and others are more feeling driven. Ok, NOT a big realization at first! But hold on, let me flesh it out.

For example: Lawyers and Politicians, at one end of the spectrum, are very language driven. “THIS is what the law SAYS…” Carefully polished speeches, exact statements, precise language. (You might be language driven if you subscribe to dictionary.com “word of the day”)

Musicians and Songwriters, at the other end of the spectrum, seem to be on a different vibe. They want you to “feel” the music. It’s more about the expression than the exact language of the song. Have you ever bought a new CD, opened up the package and before you had a chance to listened to it, you read through some of the song lyrics and thought “maybe I should have got something else?” It’s not until you put it in your CD player that all it makes sense. You can’t hear the message until you feel the music.

When we read or hear language, it invokes internal imagery. That’s how we process. Language driven people (LDP) take that internal imagery and develop more language. Kind of like decoding it onto their personal hard drive. Feeling driven people (FDP) translate that internal imagery into feelings and emotions. And before you think that LDP are always men and FDP are always women… not so.

It works in the reverse when we are communicating. LDP work from their internal language drive and FDP work from their internal feeling drive. Both translate into mental imagery and then into text or speech, but with FDP, some of the language gets lost in the translation, and with LDP some of the feeling.

Here is some advice for you LDPs and you FDPs out there…

LDPs: Stop trying to get the words so right that you loose the right feeling. Pay attention to the tones in your speech and the overall expression. Cause people to feel what you are saying. When listening to a LDP, catch the message and feeling and stop scrutinizing the language all the time. The letter kills…

FDPs: Pay attention to language. Journal more. Listen to your thoughts and practice getting those feelings into workable language that even a LDP can understand. Cause people to clearly understand what you are communicating.

All labels have their fault lines, but I think we tend to be polarized toward LDP or FDP. It’s helpful to appreciate the differences and adjust our own communicate for maximum understanding.

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