>Remembering Tony


One of my favorite reporters and most recently, the white house spokesman, Tony Snow lost his battle with cancer. Tony was one my favorite guys to watch on Fox News during the Iraq war, and he was even more fun to watch field questions from those antagonistic journalists of the white house press, during his stint as the president’s spokesman. Tony was very bold in his faith. I remember more than one occasion when he shared openly about his relationship with Jesus on the air.

The president had some very kind and thoughtful remarks at Tony’s funeral. Here is a quote:

“Most of all, we remember Tony’s love of his family. There was no doubt for Tony Snow that his family was first. When Jill reached a milestone birthday, Tony had a huge celebration. He later said that he and Jill danced that night as if they were teenagers. He said he was the most fortunate man in the world to have shared love like that. So, today, Jill, our hearts are with you, and we thank you for giving Tony such a special life.
For Robbie, Kendall, and Kristi, (Tony’s children) you are in our thoughts and prayers, as well. We thank you for sharing your dad with us. He talked about you all the time. He wanted nothing more than your happiness and success. You know, I used to call Tony on the weekends to get his advice. And invariably, I found him with you on the soccer field, or at a swim meet, or helping with your homework. He loved you a lot. Today I hope you know that we loved him a lot, too.
I know it’s hard to make sense of today. It is impossible to fully comprehend why such a good and vital man was taken from us so soon. But these are the great mysteries of life — and Tony knew as well as anyone that they’re not ours to unveil.”

Obviously a very God-centered and family-cantered man. Not many men are honored in this way by the leader of their country. You can read the full remarks HERE.

I take issue with the prevailing wisdom highlighted by the president’s remarks, “these are the great mysteries of life…” When it comes to sickness and disease, we can be sure that, the fall and ultimately the enemies of God, are to blame.

Tony is in God’s presence now and he doesn’t have cancer anymore.

I look for the day when the giants fall under the weight of God’s glory.

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