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So I went to visit my good friend Chris May this Sunday. He’s two weeks from his wedding day. I’m honored to be standing as his best man on August 2nd.
We went to his new home church Granger Community Church (GCC) in Granger, Indiana to check it out and took in the second of their three Sunday morning services. Here is a little play-by play of my experience:

We’re walking in… friendly greeter meets us and shakes Chris’ hand. We were early and I think we missed the normal “wall” of greeters.

Brando is waving for the camera in the church lobby/cafe. I didn’t try the coffee, but I might have if I would have known they allow drinks in the sanctuary! (PD)

The first thing you notice when you walk into their big (probably 1500) sanctuary is their theater size screen on/behind the stage! Massive… The second thing I noticed was the new coldplay album bumping in the PA.

The five minute countdown is rolling…

Lights, camera, action… the band rolls into an instrumental version of “Life is Highway” they sound just like Tom Cochrane, except no one is singing… except a view Grangerites.

Senior pastor, Mark Beeson, (he’s got a lot of energy!) hops on the stage to give the morning welcome… (in a brown blazer and black pants…eek:)) and rolls through the announcements, ending with a little priming of the pump for a big change that is coming to GCC, but he won’t say what it is. I’m left wondering if they’re considering a name change, because they are starting to plant satellite campuses, this fall, that aren’t in “Granger”, but that thought gives way to another chorus of “Life is a Highway” in my head.

So, worship kicked off with “Lord You Are Good”… the band was tight… the energy from the congregation was a little lower than I expected… two songs and we were done! Less than ten minutes. I was a little surprised by the brevity of set list.

Pastor Mark delivered a message about the reliability of the Bible and building our lives on the Bible. He preached from a music stand instead of the customary pulpit. I tried to decide wither his Bible was genuine leather or bonded leather. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. It was a good 35-40 minute message, I’d say. I remember a few phrases: “standing on the promises…” “life is hard, then you die…” “Where do you stand?” “Build your life on the word…” He merged into an apologetic, quoting W.F. Albright (Biblical Archaeologist) a couple times. The message seemed to end kind of abruptly with “We are going to take the offering now”… and the band plays/sings a song extolling the virtues of the Bible.

It’s always a fun time hanging with my buddy Chris, drinking kumbacha tea, talking health food and Jesus.

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