I’ve been without Abbey now for over a week. I’m thankful that she’s coming home soon! My gosh, I miss her! She’s been in Virgina visiting her new new nephew Jack. On the way back, the Andrew family has been journeying through the Appalachian mountains and stopping at the sites. Beautiful country.

Here they are at a park… looks fun. That’s Abbey and Mom in a gully, looking happy.

Luckily Abbey emailed me this fabulous photo! I’m not sure if she intended only me to see it?? …hmm…I don’t know? I was definitely in need of new desktop background though. :) Isn’t she cute??

In the meantime, Bella and I have been enjoying life together. I taught her how to sit today and explained how pets die in over 80% of car accidents. I’m sure she doesn’t want to become a statistic… It took a little convincing, but in the end she saw how reasonable it really is to “buckle up for safety!”

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