>da da da da dum, I’m lovin’ it!


Ah yes, the Golden Arches, home of the Big Mac and other variations of unhealthy food. Lately, I’ve been frequenting the local Mc-e-dees for one reason. I occasionally indulge in a fillet-o-fish sandwich! Yes, I know it is sinful, but what is even more ungodly is trying to order custom in McDonalds drive-thru.

Luke and I made a run after Pulse the other night. I order: “A fillet-o-fish sandwich without cheese and without tartar sauce, on a WHEAT bun with ONLY mustard, please.” I repeat myself three times, which is customary for a special order. Generally, after this, I get the “hold on please……………. we’ll have your total at the first window… pull around.” not a good start. :(

Ok… Pulling up to the first window to pay. I’m hopeful, that unlike the other 20 times I have ordered the same EXACT sandwich, this time will be different and I will get it “my way”… oh wait, I’m not at Burger King.

Luke swips the deb-it card and we’re in the home stretch! I can smell the grease!

Second window… waiting… a short pause is good. Maybe someone is taking the time to get my order right? (cue laugh track)

“Negative Ghost-Rider the pattern is full…” That’s a WHITE bun if I’ve ever seen one! I always return the wrongly made fast-food with a certian amount of trepidation, knowing that I am at the mercy of the sometimes scornful kitchen boys. The highest cruelty is to mess with someone’s food…

I’m relieved to see that the guys at the counter look very friendly and welcoming! “Here is a free desert on a us! Sorry for all the trouble kind sir.” …no, that actually didn’t happen. I was just lucky someone didn’t stick the fillet in their armpit before the served it to me.

But what did happen, was a wheat bun, a fillet of fish and a literal dab of mustard. Yes, there is fish under all that bread. I was happy. Luke was happy and already done eating by the time I made it back to the car. :) We sang da da da da duuuummmmm…. all the way back to the apartment. I’m lovin’ it! (sort of)

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4 responses to “>da da da da dum, I’m lovin’ it!

  • Zondervan Life

    >Kurt, I never knew you were a closet mc donalds addict. I loved the post though, especially the pics and the pulse plug. I do think you are at the mercy of the highly motivated to please crew when you return a sandwich to the kitchen of a fast food place, but at least your not a police officer so you should be good.btw–they wouldn’t put the fish fillet under their armpit, they would be more likely to mop the floor with it (or so i’ve heard)

  • Dennis Bauer

    >I had no idea that wheat buns were even available at McDonald’s!?! I’m so excited!!! I’ve heard that a fillet-o-fish isn’t really fish…:( it’s like pieces of scraps squished together. I have a whole new respect for you!!! Only a real man would dare the fillet-o-fish!

  • Roxy

    >WOW! I am impressed that you are branching out. I wouldn’t step foot in McDonald’s (which is good because my driver’s side window doesn’t go down). I would probably gain 10 lbs. just walking on Micky-D property.

  • Kurt and Abbey

    >Confession…. I think your bride to be is the one behind the love for Mc-e-dees!

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