>How poor are you?

>I’m going to post some of my notes on Jesus’ sermon on the mount from my notes on the Bible for the next few posts.

The Sermon on the Mount
Mathew 5-7

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

“poor in spirit” The Greek definition of poor: “ptochos” -Absolute and abject poverty.
This is a level of poverty of the spirit, where the person has to put their whole trust in the Lord. They have revelation of their neediness toward God, and “theirs is the kingdom of heaven” The kingdom of heaven belongs to those who have come to the end of themselves and have put their trust completely in God. They know that they have nothing, and that they’re only sufficiency is from God. They put all their trust in Him.

Being “poor in spirit” is a decision that we make to live in a trust relationship with God, where everything that we need for us and for others, we lean on Him for, first. Every spiritual, relational, financial, and emotional need is put in His keeping, because we really realize that we need Him.

How poor are you? Just ask yourself, “How much of my life really depends on God?” “How much of my life would actually change if God didn’t show up?”

Is what we receive from the Lord (spiritually, emotionally, financially, relationally etc.) truly ESSENTIAL or is it just a BONUS??

God is looking for people who will live utterly dependent on Him …and most of us don’t even have any idea what that means yet. :)

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