>Prayer Initiative: Grant, Michigan

>This past weekend, Abbey and I spent some time in Grant, Michigan, a small town just north of Grand Rapids. We were there to do worship for a city-wide prayer initiative. Abbey’s dad, David Andrew and several other pastors in the region joined together on Sunday night to pray and worship together. There were several churches represented. Even the 1st Reformed folks came out. My goal for the evening was to get them to clap during “I am free”. Needless to say, my guitar solos weren’t enough to inspire. :)

There was a sense of unity among the churches there, as several of the area pastors shared from their heart. People gathered in small groups across the Grant Middle School cafeteria and prayed, then we’d worship, someone would talk, we’d watch a video etc. This went on for a little over 2 hours. Great night of worship and prayer! Makes me want to do it my city (Kalamazoo). C’mon somebody…

In other news, Christianized Metaphysical Dualism strikes again, in the form of 21st century bumper stickers.

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2 responses to “>Prayer Initiative: Grant, Michigan

  • Rich n' Grace

    >Bro, glad the prayer initiative was awesome bro! Way to bring it! Well, my parents are still here and I’m off to IHOP with the boys on Thursday. And great ending to your post! Love it!

  • Cassie

    >Sounds like a nice time Kurt! Yeah we already have the youth of kzoo doing that with Jesus Now and now we need to get the ‘adult’ folk in on that business!

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