>What is the gospel?

>Taking a break from the Job convo for a minute and going to throw up some thoughts here…

Much hot air has been blown and ink has been spilt on the topic of “what is the gospel?” of late, and it continues to be a pressing subject for the church at this time in history. Although, I think, it’s always been and maybe I’m just noticing it now. ☺

“The mission of God”, “a missional church” and “the gospel” are some of the hottest subjects among church leaders at this moment, It seems that many conversations with friends, blogs, sermons, and musing in my own mind etc. are focusing on these interrelated topics.

The gospel (good news) is the context within which the missional church (characterized by mission) finds its message (yea, more than language). It must be aligned with the greater mission of God, or it finds no foundation. I recently picked up Christopher H. Wright’s magnum opus on these subject. His book is called the “Mission of God” -a pretty academic read, but nevertheless very challenging and informative. I like how he frames the whole of the scriptures within the context of mission. The Bible emerges out of God’s ongoing mission- he says.

This is the “grand narrative” within which we find ourselves, whether in or outside of the assembly (people of God). The mission of God is where we find our mission, thereby becoming a church that it characterized by the mission of God- a missional church (missional points to much more than social justice activities, though that is a part).

In light of the fact that we are located in the mission of God and are people characterized by mission, what then is our mission within the scope of His?

When we start to answer these questions biblically, the message of the gospel (what it IS and what it is NOT) begins to unfold.

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2 responses to “>What is the gospel?

  • Richee

    >Bro, thanks for the plug and love the fact that you have read other stuff and can speak into my process along the way. Love you man!

  • cfaithgirl

    >Ok. Richee said leave comment. Never left one before so this is a test run. ?? So there is more then on possibility of someone's will and God know what will happen if choice A is done or if choice B will happen and the effects of both ?? But if he knows what choice then what?

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