>Here comes a rant//
I’ve noticed something in the modern worship movement, specifically in the song writing of the last ten or so years. There has been a shift from Jesus-centered-worship to a lot of what I would call “self-motivational songs”.

Jesus-centered songs have God at the central focus, expressing lyric that is “vertical” in trajectory. Self-motivational songs are more about how loud my love is, or how desperate I am for Him, or I refuse to be denied etc. I’m not really sure what else to call them? I don’t think self-motivation is wrong or that we shouldn’t sing those kinds of songs, but if they make up the bulk of our worship sets, we’re missing the real heartbeat of worship.

The kind of worship that is around the throne of heaven is filled with how awesome He is, how worthy He is, of the honor, praise, glory, power etc. Can you imagine one of the twenty-four elders falling down before the throne of God singing, “my love is big, my love is loud”? If anything he’d be singing, “my God is big, my love is small!”
//End Rant

To quote Mike Pivalachi- “Worship is about Him, blessing Him, giving to Him, He is the center of worship, and we should never forget that.”

I changed my iTunes worship mix to more worship songs to God, about God.

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