>The Sabbath by Eugene Peterson

>Sabbath is the time set aside to do nothing so that we can receive everything, to set aside our anxious attempts to make ourselves useful, to set aside our tense restlessness, to set aside our media-saturated boredom. Sabbath is the time to receive silence and let it deepen into gratitude, to receive quiet into which forgotten faces and voices unobtrusively make themselves present, to receive the days of the just completed week and absorb the wonder and miracle still reverberating from each one, to receive our Lord’s amazing grace.

Sabbath is one of the great gifts that God has given us. Every day of creation is “good” – good for receiving all that God has created, good for participating in the work of God, good for working in God’s garden, good for naming and caring for what God has given, good for being a “helpmate” with and for another. But Sabbath is distinguished from the first six days of each week by being holy, a day set aside to be present to God, to assimilate and celebrate all the gifts of creation and salvation.

excerpt taken from “Tell It Slant” by Eugene Peterson

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2 responses to “>The Sabbath by Eugene Peterson

  • I'm just a teen on a mission.

    >Which day is the correct day to observe the Sabbath? Some say Saturday others say Sunday? What do you say?

  • Kurt

    >I don't think there is a hard and fast day of the week that we have to observe that. I'd say it's good to have a day that you set apart for the Lord and ask Him what you should fill your day with. I try to do that on Saturday or Monday. That's how it works for me. When the woman at the well approached Jesus about the proper place to worship, He turned her attention to worshipping in spirit and truth.

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