>Top 3 books of 2010

>I haven’t blogged in a while so, I’ll squeeze one last post in for 2010… My top 3 books for 2010.

3. “The Evangelical Universalist: The biblical hope that God’s love will save us all” by Gregory MacDonald (Robin Parry)

I’ve been on a three year study of doctrines of end-things (particularly, hell). MacDonald follows in the footsteps of other Christian Universalists like Thomas Talbott in proposing that, “all will (eventually) be saved” through the saving work of Jesus Christ. Of the five books on Christian Universalism I read this one stands out as the best work. (I am not a Christian universalist, just studying various views)

2. “Flickering Pixels: How technology shapes our faith” by Shane Hipps

A short survey of the history of technology through the centuries and how it shapes our worldviews and our living. Hipps critiques the popular Christian notion that, “the medium changes but the message is the same.” Instead, Hipps tells us that “the medium is the message” (think, the incarnation) and that we need to be aware of the ways in which technology can distort or enhance community and the message of the gospel.

1. “Thinking in Tongues” by James K.A. Smith

In this groundbreaking work in pentecostal theology, Jamie sets out to explore 5 fundamental elements of a “pentecostal worldview.” Rather than getting hung up on particular doctrines of tongues or gifts, he lays out (nicely) the key commitments of pentecostals that are common threads in pentecostal practice since the rise of pentecostalism in the early twentieth century.

Bonus: “A Longing for Holiness: Sacred Writings of John Wesley” edited by Keith Beasley-Topliffe

I read this little book every year. It’s journal excerpts from one of my heroes John Wesley.

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