21 reasons Jesus is not coming back on May 21

As some of you know there is a national Christian radio station, “Family Radio” that is declaring that the end of the world is near, and that Jesus returning on May 21, 2011 (This weekend!).  If you’d like a little more context and sarcasm, see my previous post: “Judgment Day!

So, in the spirit of “88 Reasons Christ Why the Rapture will be in 1988” I decided to give you 21 reasons why I don’t believe that Jesus is returning on May 21…  Here we go…

1. Date-setters for the “rapture” have a poor track record i.e. 100% fail

2. All orthodox Christians believe in Christ’s return, but only 0.0000001% of them believe it will happen this Saturday

3. Harold Camping (rapture-predictor) is 89 years old and probably a little senile (is that mean?)

4. Camping has previously guessed that the “rapture” would be 1994… eh?

5. Pre-tribulation rapture “Left Behind” theology is horrible theology that has been beat to a pulp for over 50 years

6. Even if Jesus was going to return on May 21, God would probably change the date… ha!

7. Camping applies bad bible interpretation methods to come up with May 21, 2011… “bad” is an understatement

8. Dispensationalism is bunk

9. “Bible math” is bunk-er

10. Jesus “rapturing” the church and then slaying everybody else is bunk-est

11. Jesus can’t return before the Lions win a Super Bowl Championship… That’s gotta be in the Bible somewhere…

12. Jesus can’t return on a weekend… It has to happen on a weekday (probably a Monday) because He is Savior!

13. Isn’t there supposed to be an “anti-christ” first?… or was that Henry Kissinger?

14. California hasn’t fallen into the Pacific Ocean yet

15. American Idol isn’t over yet… (although most of us stopped caring after Pia and Casey left)

16. We still havn’t found the North Pole (Santa’s workshop) so not everyone has heard the “good news”

17. Obama is not the “anti-christ”

18. If Family Radio and Harold Camping were right, they would have a sweeter website

19. Rob Bell has not set that date for the rapture

20. Love Wins

21. If it was true, it would have to be on Oprah

Feel free to add your own to the comments. :)

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One response to “21 reasons Jesus is not coming back on May 21

  • Christopher M.

    4. Camping has previously guessed that the “rapture” would be 1994… eh?

    And looking at his horrible website it took him from ’94 to do the math and conjure up May 21st … it was real funny looking at the “math” behind it all.

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