The TOP 10 Facebook sins

10. I’m NEVER EVER going to play FARMVILLE!… ever.

9.  OFF-topic comments.  Example… update: “I’m going to Europe this week, it’s going to be a-mazing!”  comment: “Hey dude, you left your socks in the dryer”

8. There is a very, very fine line between a COMMENT and a BLOG POST.  If your comment requires a “see more”… you MIGHT have crossed that line.  If I have to scroll down to read the entire thing, you definitely just blogged on someone.

7. After the 23rd reply to the same person, you should begin to feel regret that this wasn’t a phone call!  nuff said :)

6. Facebook is not your therapist.  Boom, roasted.

5. Commenting on your own status update when NO ONE ELSE is commenting…  Also, a close cousin to this… “Liking” YOUR OWN status update.  I think that goes without saying, but for some reason it doesn’t.

4. Puking the gory details of your “drama” filled life on your own or someone’s wall.  (see #6)

3. If “Happy Birthday” is the only comment you sent me ALL YEAR, congratulations you’re a part of the Birthday Mob! #fail

2. CARPET BOMBING a friend’s wall with “like”s.  You know who you are. :)

1. Facebook is for humor, especially sarcasm (and also stalking).  Don’t take anyone too seriously and GO OFF on them only to realize three comments later that you missed a sweet moment of sarcasm.  You can’t recover from that.

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