Why I am an Agnostic (part 2) by Kurt Johnson

Back in March, I did a post on “Why I am an Agnostic.” Continuing that thought today…

Typically, “agnostic” refers to a personal disposition that is ambiguous or undecided on the matter of the existence of God.  This is not how I’m attempting to employ the term, as I do believe in the God revealed by Jesus, the God of Abraham, the creator-god.  I mean to use “agnostic” as a self-discriptor of a disposition of knowing, as an attempted approximation to the truth.  To the “truth,” because I believe that we all relate to the same fundamental world, but “an attempted approximation,” because we all relate to the world from limited, situated, and traditioned contexts that inform our interpretation of the world, which, by the way, is just part-and-parcel of being human, and, I think it’s a good thing.

So, “What can I know of God?”  If interpretation is un-circumventable, this “knowing” can’t be an applied science (ala modernity), and can’t be a “supernatural understanding.”  In science, it’s “my pile of facts” vs. “your pile of facts.”  In religion, it’s “my enlightened understanding” vs. “your enlightened understanding.”  Everyone wants to make the appeal to some sort of ‘revelation.’  

So, what is the ‘space’ of knowing?

To be continued…

-Kirk out


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